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One Fold by Patkau Architects

by pleatfarmer on August 11, 2014

Origami artist, Paul Jackson, made a series of paper gestures called ‘One Crease’ which examines the results of a simple fold made on a piece of paper. Once folded, the paper can then be forced to buckle along a crease to create a freestanding object. This radical concept eventually extends to One Fold – a full-scale […]


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Irina Dzhus SS 2014

by pleatfarmer on January 16, 2014

Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus recently announced her new Spring/Summer 2014 collection called Archetype inspired by iconographic canons of Orthodox Christianity. More after the break:

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Lumio Folding Lamp

Architect and designer, Max Gunawan, envisioned Lumio as a multi-functional, switch-less, portable lamp that disguises as a wood hardcover, and runs on eight-hours of rechargeable battery life. To use, just unfold the covers to reveal the pleated Tyvek pages, and adjust the brightness by the degree of opening. Lumio is available for pre-order on the website, […]

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Designer and recent RCA grad Jule Waibel recently informed us of Entfaltung – her latest thesis project consisting of collapsible structures using the origami technique. Check out the videos showcasing Jule’s fascinating explorations with the folds, and the accompanying text and images that speak volumes of the awesome project.

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Playtime Collection – Zhang & Thonsgaard

If you prefer to origami-fold your furniture, Playtime may be for you. Berlin/Beijing-based designers Zhang & Thonsgaard created the collection of flat-pak furniture with an emphasis on assembly as a fun and playful act. The collection consists of a floor design, a chair and a table design, with the pre-tessellated furniture formed by the act […]

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Fiet by Studio Toer

Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven of Studio Toer recently announced their new interactive piece. Called Fiet, the responsive sculpture visualizes the emotional impact of movement on its surface which is made up of hundreds of cones. The points of the cones expands and contracts as the skin moves, which occurs when the object responds to […]

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Flipfood Lunchbox

Flipfood is a lunch box with a twist, designed by Ilias Markolefas and Nathalia Martinez Saavedra, and recently displayed as part of the  ALTERED APPLIANCES exhibition by Piet Zwart Institute students during this year’s Salon Milan.

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Q&A with Irina Dzhus

Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus is the brain behind her namesake conceptual wear brand founded in 2010. The design concept for DZHUS is based on interaction and transformation of construction modules in order to create new aesthetics of the form – avant-garde and virtually archetypical at the same time, categoric but variable. Thanks to Irina who graciously offered […]

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Thumbnail image for Molo Cloud Floor and Table Softlight

Molo Cloud Floor and Table Softlight

Molo founders and designers Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen just announced the official release of Cloud floor and table softlight, the newest additions to molo’s award winning Soft collection.  The white textile cloud shade comprised of hundreds of cellular honeycomb-like forms supported by a visually delicate, three-legged wooden base. View the installation of Cloud floor […]

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Irving Harper – Works In Paper

Irving Harper: Works In Paper is a recent monograph from Skira Rizzoli celebrating the multi-faceted designer, Irving Harper, with a focus on his incredible collection of paperboard sculptures. As the director of design at George Nelson Associates in the 1960s, Harper contributed to numerous mid-century creations, namely the Marshmallow Sofa for Herman Miller furniture and the Ball and Sunburst clocks […]

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Central St Martins MA Show Autumn-Winter 2013

Check out my pleats compilation from the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design MA show. Fashion graduates Jaimee McKenna and Jessica Fawcett channeled Issey Miyake with their emphasis on pleating while Eilish Macintosh’s second collection focused on sewing and ruching glossy vinyl pieces with thick cords.

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Aqua-scape: Whole Plastic Architecture

Aqua-scape is the branchild of Professor Ryumei Fujiki of  F.A.D.S + fujiki studio and KOU::ARC, comprising of a series of portable outdoor installations formulated around the idea of structure and design in nature. The design is inspired by various sources such as the jellyfish, origami and textile, and the principles of folding paper have been adapted to folding plastic.

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Thumbnail image for Nothing Fancy – Minimal Wallet by Chieh

Nothing Fancy – Minimal Wallet by Chieh

London-based designer Chieh Ting Huang conceived Nothing Fancy  – the non-stitched minimalist wallet. Each wallet is created from a single piece of leather, requiring no stitching — shortening the time it takes to produce each one and saving on materials.

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The Office by Paper Donut

Paper designer Alexis Facca of Paper Donut alerted us of her recent work. Called the Office, the paper sculpture is a re-creation of the office of Walter R. Cooper – a British advertising agency in 80’s.  

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For her fourth collection, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen takes on the theme of electricity featuring 3D-printed ensembles.

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Bio-geometric tailoring

Menswear collection by Ichiro Suzuki successfully merges traditional British tailoring, structural engineering and Op-Art.

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