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Skeletal pendant lamp by Jeongwon Ji

by pleatfarmer on April 8, 2010

Like the La Melle Lampshade, the Spread Light, by London-based designer, Jeongwon Ji, is a series of dynamic ceiling pendant lamps which allow the user to engage with its structure and the light intensity. Each pendant consists of tentacular extensions made of hinged Perspex pieces, which reminded me of the daddy longlegs when the skeletal frames are unfolded.

The mechanical structure of Spread Light consists of a certain numbers of straight or curvy lines of pieces. Due to these units, the organic forms of Spread Light can be more exaggerated while in motion.

About the designer: Jeongwon Ji is a London based product designer who received her BA in Product Design with First Class Honours from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK in July 2009. Born in 1984 and raised in Seoul, South Korea, She has lived in cultural different cities, Seoul and London, with extensive travel experiences, which allowed her to experience a variety of viewpoints in product design.

She is primarily interested in creating everyday objects that reflect her own analysis as well as observation on people, urban life, and social change. Her products are the outcome of how contextual issues influence the creative process of product design.

Designer: Jeongwon Ji Design Studio (United Kingdom)
Inspired by: The notion of light and human engagement, and movement of forms.
Material: Perspex
Colours: Various colours available
Dimension: about 700 x 700 x 800 
retail – £675 (transparent) £550 (black)
contract – 25% discount
wholesale – 40% discount

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