Post image for Tensor Voting: Skeletal Wall Sculpture/Storage by Giulio Parini (UPDATED)

Tensor Voting: Skeletal Wall Sculpture/Storage by Giulio Parini (UPDATED)

by pleatfarmer on July 3, 2010

Tensor Voting is a skeletal system of iron components conceived by Swiss designer, Giulio Parini. It consists of iron rods in varying lengths which are slotted into fasteners, and in turn are nailed to the wall. Tensor Voting allows the user to play with varying geometrical configurations by rotating the rods and switching the location of the fasteners. It can function as a wall sculpture or a shelving system which can hold up a few items decently, such as paperbacks and CD cases.

– Design process –

According to Giulio, Tensor Voting is a mathematical algorithm to estimate various characteristics, as dimensions and orientations, of geometrical shapes made by clouds of points. The project began as part of a  continuation of a concept based on Giulio’s scenography design which consisted of triangular modules of cardboard (see image below). (continue)

The result is a trapezoidal chair, and with iron as his material choice, Giulio pursued his design while renting an atelier of an iron sculpture artist.

Discovering the bulk and expense that the metal put him through, Giulio later conceived a deconstructed version of the chair which consisted of rods and bars as ‘skeletons’ of the form.

The chair that never was became a fascinating system of irregular members with shifting geometries.

– system construct –
the iron rods and fasteners

rods slotted into place

The swinging rods

wall system images via Giulio Parini

Thanks to Giulio for a giving us a peek of his sketches!

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