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Irina Dzhus SS 2014

by pleatfarmer on January 16, 2014

Ukrainian designer and stylist Irina Dzhus recently announced her new Spring/Summer 2014 collection called Archetype inspired by iconographic canons of Orthodox Christianity.

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Archetype is a primordial symbol, an initial dogma of consciousness. A creative mind that aspires to the original truth finds the fundamental module for its subjective perfection’s structure.

The visual concept of the collection mainly derives from the orthodox Christian iconographic canons. The magnetic conventionalism of characters and graphics is inherently the universal code of spirituality.

Elementary forms turn into rhythmical and constructional designs. Eclectic combinations of textiles, raw hems and exposed seam allowance contouring the silhouettes reflect the dialectical matter of the pieces – as a key to the synergy of a person wearing them and the innermost essence of the universe.


irina dzhus ss14-1 irina dzhus ss14-2 irina dzhus ss14-3 irina dzhus ss14-4 irina dzhus ss14-5 irina dzhus ss14-6 irina dzhus ss14-7 irina dzhus ss14-8 irina dzhus ss14-9


Lookbook credits

Photo: Olga Nepravda

Style: Irina Dzhus

Makeup: Maria Kolomiets

Model: Fortune Chidi (Ego Models)


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